Friday, May 22, 2020

Case Narrative For Er Admission Of Adam Rudd - 993 Words

Case Narrative for ER Admission of Adam Rudd Jennifer during her usual visits finds Rudd sitting in a chair looking very anxious. He says, â€Å"I am having throbbing headaches and blurry vision†. Jennifer call 911 immediately and the ambulance bring Rudd to the ER and Jennifer follows the ambulance in her car. Student Instructions: You are assigned to one of the beds in ER where Adam Rudd is admitted. You receive the following report from the triage RN: â€Å"The patient is Adam Rudd, a 78 y/o white male with a history of hypertension. He has been diagnosed with hypertension past 15 years and is on anti-hypertensive medications and aspirin. He is very weak and short of breath. He is accompanied with his longtime friend Jennifer, who reports that Rudd was looking very weak and was complaining of severe headache and blurred vision before coming to the hospital. He is 5’9† and weighs 270 lb. Vital signs recorded were: oral temperature 98.20 F, BP 224/120 mm Hg with a heart rate of 102 beats/minute and respiration of 24 breaths per minute. The pulse oximetry reading was 94% on room air. He is complaining of severe headache and blurred vision. Rudd said that he did not take his antihypertensive medication or aspirin since he ran out of pills. He has not been taking his medication for past 15 days. He reports no known allergies to any medications or other substances.† You introduce yourself to Jennifer and Rudd and explain to them that you are going to check vital signs and

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