Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Subjective Reports of MDMA Use :: Ecstasy Illegal Drugs Hallucinogens Essays

Subjective Reports of MDMA Use In reading several reports of individuals who have experimented with MDMA several common experiences can be found, but no experiences can be thought of as universal. One of the most commonly reported experiences is a feeling of peace. Some users categorize this experience as a feeling of intense calm. They simply cannot imagine hostile or aggressive feelings towards any other person. This feeling objectively can be observed in the relative sedation of those experiencing a 'high'. In one person's experience, once the MDMA had begun to affect their body in earnest, they felt no desire to move or do anything other then remain sitting where they were. They didn't report so much an inability to move as much as an inability to imagine a situation better then their current situation. As evidenced by the number of dance clubs in which MDMA is used frequently, MDMA clearly does not block physical activity. Some experienced users report that they have a brief window of opportunity after ingesting MDMA to engage in an active behavior (such as dance). After this window is over, they become too entranced in their experience to change anything. I! f they manage to become active during this time, they feel very energized and report the calm as being a more external feeling. This externally manifested calm can be described be such terms as love, oneness, peace, happiness, trust and other such broad positive terms. MDMA users who have experience MDMA use at clubs or dances often comment on groups of users who group together. Reports from users involved in these groups express a synergistic effect of being around others who are using MDMA. Many users who came to social situations alone reported their attempts in finding other users with which to socialize. One user described the "cuddle puddles" in which several users would sit together. These areas would have pillows and water available for the users. The user reported that they would sit, talk and describe their sensations to each other. One of the primary sensations shared was their tactile sensations. A very commonly described effect of MDMA is an increased enjoyment of sensation. All sensations are described as being more interesting, or intense. One common sight described at several raves (underground dance parties) is the surgical mask smeared with mentholated petroleum. Often, users will crush MDMA and dust the inside of the mask with it, or will take MDMA

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