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Questions for Senior Bible Seminar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Questions for Senior Bible Seminar - Essay Example In contrast, costly grace implies something that Christians will often struggle to obtain. It refers to the gospel that one has to seek severally, a gift which should be sought and a door that man must knock to enter. Costly grace demands that man follows the teaching of the Jesus Christ. The grace depicts God’s sanctuary that Christians have to adhere to. The name cheap is used to imply grace that is not true to the living expectations of a Christian while costly is used to imply true grace that is practiced by Christians. Cheap grace is seen among Christians that pretend and preach water while drinking wine. Costly grace is seen among Christians that act according to their word. Question 2 Bonhoeffer was indicating that faith is something that Christians cannot ignore. There are different ways of expressing Christian faith. However, it is only the Christians who are true followers of Christ and uphold the concept of discipleship that have the ability of depicting true faith. Faith makes Christians to be obedient to the teachings of the Christ. Therefore, people who are not obedient to Christ teachings cannot have the ability of trusting on the word of God. ... In this, the phrase illustrated how Jesus regarded himself as a close to God. Son of Man is also used to depict the divinity of Jesus. This includes an illustration of the human nature of Jesus. Jesus was born through the Virgin Mary and this phrase was used to indicate this humane nature of Jesus. Son of Man phrase is also used to refer to ordinary man in the Bible. The phrase also refers to the savior of people. This is through the sacrificial death of Jesus where Son of Man depicts Jesus role as a ruler of human beings in God’s Kingdom. Finally, Son of Man shows Lord’s Sabbath. Question 4 According to Ferguson, obedience to God’s call is a key trait of Christian faith. This is because one cannot be able to attest of having faith when he or she cannot obey on what the teachings of the law indicate with reference to having faith in Christ. Discipleship is another characteristic of faith. People have to uphold discipleship teachings as a means of indicating their faith. Believing is a characteristic that Christians who have faith have to show in modern society. Failure to do so leads to questioning of the strength of faith for such Christians. Finally, Christian faith means one has to follow the teachings of Jesus. Question 5 This is because one cannot be saved without having faith in Jesus Christ. Faith enables people to forgive sins and their sins are forgiven, which makes them to be saved. Commentators interpret this differently because faith is not supposed to focus on saving of people, but on their obedience, believe and discipleship to Christ teachings. Question 6 A God does not deny people the ability of speaking in tongues. This is based on the spiritual manifestation of

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