Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marketing Plan Outline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Marketing Plan Outline - Assignment Example Market Summary: This section provides the credibility of entering the chosen market of Bakersfield. Currently people are more reliant on dry cleaning services for being busy and over equipped with the work-life balance. This factor provides the company to enter the market with newer and better facilities, like home deliveries. SWOT Analysis: reveals that currently the company has the resources and abilities to enter this market. There are no strict rules and regulations surrounding this area of business. People are welcoming new and better services with limited time available to them for dropping and picking up their clothes and other items. The strength, hence, lies in delivering the services at their door step, suing technologies to make it easier for them to avail the services and providing better results than others. Competition: Wash N Dry and Today Dry cleaners are the closest competitors with many recurring and satisfied customers. However, the service differentiation of provi ding home delivery facility is an obvious benefit for the clients. Moreover, the use of technology would enhance the credibility and save clients time to visit the shop. Products/Services: The strategy to capture the working population and save their time will be attractive to the Bakersfield market. Majority of the population is from a working class. Extended hours of work in different shift of employees would be helpful in creating flexibility for the clients to get their laundries done at their ease. Moreover, home delivery would save them time and travelling costs which is an add-on to the high quality services the company offers. Keys to Success: This section provides the key for the success of our business. The main idea proposed is to close the gap between client expectation and actual service delivered. Hence, the idea is to create value for the customer and communicate that value properly. Critical Issues: The critical issues to be considered are discussed in three main poi nts including The Pre-opening marketing of the service, the cost-benefit analysis of home Delivery and The formulation of Promotional Strategy that supports business aims. 2.1 Market Summary The target market of Bakersfield, California is attractive for the dry cleaning businesses. The employment rates among both men and women are high, leaving minimal time for them to perform household tasks. In order to get their laundry done, they opt for the service providers easily and cheaply available. The busy population does not get enough time to visit the self-service dry-cleaning and laundry shops, hence, drop-off businesses like Today Cleaners are introduced. The service provides time-savings to the customers which is highly appreciated and accepted. Figure 1: (Britt, 2006) The population growth rate is about 40.6% since 2000 which is considerably higher than other areas of the US. Approximately 3.5 million people are living in Bakersfield ( The median household income in Baker sfield shows an increasing trend of approximately 35% which shows their better living standards than before. The employment rate is about 88.5% in June 2013, as reported by U.S. Bureau of Labor

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