Saturday, September 28, 2019

Energy resource challenge Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Energy resource challenge - Research Paper Example It has always been a challenge to people the control of pollution non-renewable resources bring. Also, scientists are trying their best to find out the probable ways to reduce the global warming caused by the non-renewable resources usage. Renewable energy is the naturally replenished energy that comes from the environment. It includes energy coming from the sun as well as from the wind. One of the most recognized models of the renewable energy source is called Wind Turbines. This machine gets energy from the wind because of its rotating part. It can be segregated into two – machine that makes use of the energy directly and machine that converts energy to electricity. The former is called Windmill while the later is a Wind Generator. Aside from wind source, solar cells are also an efficient supply that became accessible to homeowners as Scientists consider that the technology will be competitive (Berg, n.d.). It is known that solar energy can be obtained through radiation. Photovoltaics and heat engines are just some techniques used to extract energy from the sun. In a photovoltaics method, electricity is produced by converting the sun’s radiation with the use of semiconductors. Thus, letting the electri city flow and be obtained. Aside from the mentioned renewable energy sources, an alcohol can also be a form of energy source. Ethanol can be naturally produced from sunlight. The production is possible through the process called Photosynthesis that brings about feedstock. Last but not the least, there is Hydropower. Water energy can also be obtained and be gathered through hydroelectric dams. There are now available alternative resources of energy. However, the question that still remains is on the reliability of these sources. Indeed, oil fuels until now have not met its rival. It still has the greatest impact to people and their welfare. Unlike coal and gas, storage is a challenge in managing

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