Thursday, September 26, 2019

Criminal Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Criminal Justice - Essay Example of possible effects such as ability to work in the judicial system, economic stability, and a highly esteemed social status that comes with profession in the judicial system. My passion for law and order is one of the stimulants for my major in criminal justice, the study of activities and institutions that work together to ensure social stability and to control criminal and civil wrongs in the society. I have always delighted in following legal cases with focus on legal arguments for determination of guilt and extent of guilt. My interest in law has further motivated me to read books in aspects of law such as contract law, family law, land law, and tort law and I occasionally predict consistent arguments for both prosecuting and defence attorneys in cases as well as main judgements in the cases. I have also played an important role in community policing because of my passion in ensuring order in the society. My role has included peer mobilization for campaigns against crimes and for whistle blowing against criminal and civil wrongs. These factors have consequently motivated my interest in the wider scope of criminal justice and therefore influenced my d ecision into the major. Professions in criminal justice have also been linked with high income and this has influenced my major in the field with the aim of specializing in legal studies. Professionals such as magistrates and judges are well paid and the high legal fees for defence attorneys cannot be disputed. Desire to secure an employment opportunities in one of the fields has motivated my choice to major in criminal justice as it is a basis into the fields. There is also high demand for legal counsel, either in judicial processes of in commercial dealings and the associated stability in demand for service influenced my major with the aim of securing a stable source of income. My background information in law is another factor that influenced my decision to major in criminal justice in college. In addition to

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