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Coyne and Messina Articles Analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Coyne and Messina Articles Analysis - Term Paper Example The studies conducted by Coyne’s and Messina’s groups are similar, since they are fundamentally interested in bettering the status and quality of the healthcare industry and the services it accords. To this effect, both groups choose dependent and independent variables and then research and analyze how these variables can be harnessed in order to improve the status of the American healthcare industry and services. Specifically, on one hand, Coyne and his group consider the relevance of causative variables like the type of hospital ownership and hospital size in furthering the cause of efficiency within the framework of healthcare services provision. On the other hand, Messina and his group research and scrutinize the nexus between patient satisfaction in teaching and nonteaching healthcare organizations, which practice inpatient admission. There is no gainsaying that patient satisfaction and efficiency are principle yardsticks of determining industrial success. Both Coyne and Messina carry out an extensive reviewing of already existing literature materials, in order to explain and analyze the relationship between the (independent and dependent) variables and the research findings. The same literature materials authenticate and generate recommendations that will be later on proposed. Coyne et al. (2009) and Messina et al. (2009) incorporate identical design elements in their research activities. Apart from the fact that both works are quantitative, the same also use sampling, as a way of narrowing the demographic components that are to be analyzed. For example, Coyne and the group discard private-owned hospitals and hospitals outside the state of Washington. For Messina and his group, seven teaching and nonteaching hospitals that were renowned between 1999 and 2003 suffice. However, even as a myriad of similarities between Coyne and Messina’s works abounds, differences between the two research works also exist. At one end, Messina and his proteges are intent on confirming and divulging on the relationship between inpatient admission in teaching and nonteaching hospitals, and patient satisfaction. At the other end, Coyne and his group are interested in shedding light on how the type of hospital ownership and hospital size relate with cost and efficiency. Two fundamental problems guide the work that Messina and his group carry out. These problems are the relationships that exist between patient satisfaction and inpatient admission in teaching and nonteaching hospitals. This is unlike the work that Joseph Coyne and his groups carry out. Particularly, Joseph Coyne and his group’s research undertaking investigates a single research question- the relationship between cost and efficiency and hospital size and the type of hospital ownership. In respect to the foregoing, there is lucidity in saying that while Coyne and his proteges’ research study is a two-way study of variance that of Messina and his prote ges is a multivariate design. The variables in the two analyses are also different. The independent variables for Coyne and his group include the structure of hospital ownership and hospital size, while teaching and nonteaching healthcare institutions serve as independent variables for Messina’s group. For dependent variables, Coyne and his gr

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