Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pride Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pride - Essay Example Pride can be considered as a positive influence on the person who has this sense of being proud and boosts his self-confidence. It can also be found to be based on one's own evaluation of the self and their capabilities and achieving more than what they are capable makes them feel proud of themselves and in turn such people expect other's to gauge him or her by the same standards. Taylor (1985) observes that "the norm is based on one's own ability and performances: he has done better than he expected and so experiences a boost to his self-confidence". Pride makes a man exhibit some of the qualities or behavior that are seen as undesirable by others while it is considered to be positive by the one who possesses it. This kind of a person is understood to be crediting himself for some of his achievements as he might be considering that his new found status is certainly a standard for himself and for others to gain credentials in the society. As each looks at a particular achievement based on their level of understanding, the achievements and the pride associated are also varying in extent, expectations and effect. While some can be considering themselves as pretty different and successful among others, there are those who feel self-righteous even when they are aware that they are not right according to their conscience. They would rather be complacent they are acting in tune with the society's norms and hence need not feel ashamed of their behavior. This comes from the fact that their self-esteem and self-evaluation is higher according to their own capabilities and standards, although it has nothing to do with the standards of the outer environment. In fact, as Neu observes, one finds that "all the goods things of others become displeasing, and the things he has done to himself, even when they are mistakes, alone please himhe favors himself in his thought; and when he thinks he surpasses others in all things, he walks with himself along the broad space of his thought and silently utters his own praises" (2002). Affects / outcome- One outcome of pride can be the alienation of oneself or others as there is a tendency to attribute negativity to pride. However, though it cannot be ruled out that it affects thinking of one and all and a lot of things are at stake, particularly, the relation with others; it can be observed that there are different values and standards attributed to this behavior by the person who practices it. Taylor (1985) notes that the "person with such a trait sees himself as superior to others in terms of expectations he sets for himself, and the achievement of these standards makes him take for granted that others respect him for both the standards and achievement. He further notes that this may not always be to hurt or look down upon someone but to establish his place; and regards lowering of the standards and expectations as a threat to his self-respect". Conclusion It is seen that pride is a trait in some of the people who have set some standards for themselves and achieved accordingly. Although there is more negativity attached to this characteristic, possessing it in the right perspective can be a positive boost to one's self-esteem and many find acceptance among a minority. However, it is always seen as an undesirable trait by the majority and is

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