Monday, August 12, 2019

Early child education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Early child education - Essay Example The nature of the statement we get from those around us will affect our attitude in dealing certain matter. In my third grade, I gave a wrong answer to a simple mathematics question in class. Our teacher called me the most stupid student embarrassing me in the classroom. I felt that I will never be good in mathematics for the rest of my life and did not feel like attending his classes anymore. Besides, I never participated in the class after the incident due to fear of embarrassment again. The negative statement affected my grades since I had an attitude that every question in mathematics was hard. Most teachers fail to consider the impact of their words or action to students (Grotewell and Yanus 17). In situations when I faced my relative or friend due to anger or frustrations, I wanted get their understanding and comfort. The understanding would show that they care how I feel and may be able to help if possible. Confiding in them may be necessary because they can provide support to help in solving the problem causing frustration or anger. If they say, â€Å"use your word,† means they do not want to understand my situation and do not care about my feelings and what is happening. The phrase will make the situation worse by causing more anger and frustration. The problem mainly arises due to lack of support and comfort from the person I trusted with my feelings. Confiding to the same person in future may be hard due to the frustration of the previous experience. The attitude towards the person handling how I feel will be negative that I will not be able to trust them in the same situation. When getting to the unwelcoming environment, the people tend to show facial expression to you such as frowning and raising the upper lip and nose to show disgust in your presences. Some of them will also smirk as you approach. The tone of their voices also changes to low tones as they communicate between one another and others have sarcastic tones to

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