Saturday, August 10, 2019

Brand management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Brand management - Assignment Example Some of the aspects of BIG are not fully satiating. That one has to spend points with Air Asia only whereas other airliners such as the Qantas are flexible enough to allow one to choose from a myriad of brands undercuts BIG’s policy. BIG also does not factor the use of AUD in money conversion points and this is a minus. The relevance of information presented is relative. This is because one of the chief points of concern was student-friendlier air prices, yet Air Asia zeroed in on matters such as comfort and the introduction of online shopping events and stores and entertainment events and accommodation services. Reconsidering BIG remains a tenable option, given its student-friendly rates, compared to other options. This also means that should there be another company offering cheaper airfare, personally, it will be considered beside the offer being put forth by BIG. BIG’s reward system fall short of fully exciting, sincerely, given that it is largely unfair to those wh o are not regular travelers like me. Secondly, BIG’s package and offer makes the assumption that every client is a sole decision maker, yet that is not the case with me. Like my peers, I travel with my parents since I am still 18. BIG also in its advertisement claims that its services are cheapest, yet this is clearly an artifice to retaining customers. This is because, the rates are subsidised only to those who have punctiliously followed up the stipulations of the loyalty programme. Some of the areas of improvement include the systematic arrangement and presentation of information, especially information which is significant to students’ interests, proper advertising that specifically aims at students who are hard to market target due to their strict budget, and the need to utilise the use of Facebook to market Air Asia, since scholars such as Alloyce and Forte (2011, 22), Franc (2012, 34) and Bedeyore (2005, 75) have already acknowledged the place of online social n etworks in business success. I am a moderately satisfied customer since the specific item (student-friendlier air prices) that I was interested in was not available. The failure to organise information in a manner that would make information easily retrievable and the failure to use Facebook are some of the factors that served as a letdown. However, the presence of online shopping events and stores and entertainment events and accommodation services abated the degree of a possible backlash that students would extend towards it. It is not mandatory that I become part of the loyalty programme in order to become a loyal customer. All that is needed is the consideration of students-friendlier rates of air ticket, since this will auger well with my strict budget. Even Miranda (2009, 45) and Ortiz (2012, 13) postulate that the use Facebook and the organisation of information in a manner that would make it easily retrievable and accessible will also help convert me into a loyal client. Ind eed, being part of the loyalty programme may have the potency to change my behavioural predisposition since the move will be instrumental in inculcating in me, the sense that the airline company acknowledges and appreciates me and I am therefore not taken for granted. Considering some of the aspects likeable about the experience Some of the aspects that are likeable about the

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