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To what extent are filmic techniques such as camera angles used to Essay

To what extent are filmic techniques such as camera angles used to assert the overall importance of religious themes in Pulp Fic - Essay Example The camera shots are essential in every film analysis. Camera angle is another important technique used in analyzing a movie and in film making industry. They help to create the meaning of the film to those watching. The difference between camera angles and camera shots is that as the camera angle helps the viewer to differentiate the characters in a film the camera shots shows the amount of space and the setting. Camera angle has its examples, and they are the eye level angle, birds eye angle, Dutch angle and low angle. Other techniques include the Evangeline shots which is creating blurred images as a result of extreme close ups and zooming abruptly. Cinematography is another technique which combines all the above technique that is lighting, camera angle, and camera shots. Having discussed the above the difference between camera shots and camera angles should always be made (skwirk, 2013, 1) the film â€Å"Pulp Fiction† can be analyzed in more than two different perspectives . The first is use of the camera angles to state the importance of religious themes. The guide to this is due to the fact that it is a Christian based movie. In the search for the religious aspects, we bear in mind that as Christians, we are guided by the Ten Commandments that help us shape our behaviors in our relationship with God and other human beings. We find that despite, the movie pulp fiction being filled with violence and scenes unpleasing to the eye; it has hidden Christian themes both good and bad. For instance, Its director Quentin Tarantino makes the themes of immorality among humans, the paths that humans take differently in life, the risk of living recklessly and the inception of death visible to the viewer. With the leading man as John Travolta with co-actors Samuel L Jackson and Uma Thurman, camera angle technique helps the viewer’s grasp the relationship between the characters and bring us closer to their realization. The best example is in the scene where J ules (Samuel L. Jackson) comes to a near death encounter, and it is in this case that he starts posing questions about life, the power of God, and why his encounter with death never terminated his life. The film gives us the events where he ponders everything in his life and even quitting his job for the reason that it was to God’s sign for him to quit the bad things. There is also the situation in which we find Jules misquoting the Bible in a cold murder. This was in the encounter of Brett with Vincent and Jules the two hit men working for the feared kingpin Marsellus Wallace. They had gone to retrieve something valuable in a suitcase that was held by individuals that would be crooks led by Brett. The two men retrieve the belonging of Wallace and later kill Brett and Jules recite the Bible from Ezekiel 25, and it quotes â€Å"The path of the honorable man is overwhelmed on all sides by the iniquities of the self-centered and the autocracy of evil men. Holy is he who, in the name of contributions and good will, shepherds the scrawny through the gorge of darkness, for he is truthfully his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. I will hit down upon thee with great retaliation and fuming anger those who would effort to poison and obliterate my brothers. You will recognize my name is the Lord when I lay my reprisal upon thee.†(Biola, 2013). The ungodly themes that are condemned by the commandments and the actors tend to bend the command is in the situation

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