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Technology And Social Problems - 1229 Words

Defining the problem Every aspect of life in the society has embraced modernization and gained more technological advancement because of the presence of computers, cell phones, television, internet and industries of every kind. Communication has also taken the shape of emails and text messages as well as business systems such as online libraries, e buying, and online banking. Even though technology has contributed a lot towards the advancement of the society today, the truth is it has also brought a negative impact on the same community. The current society requires assessing the negative ways it is affected by this technology regarding affecting resources health, education, and relationships in general (Gifford, 2013 p 5). Why is it a†¦show more content†¦The effect of technology on the environmental, physical and social health can be destructive if nothing can be put to check. The benefits of technological advancement are evident, however as with every aspect, moderation is necessary. Becoming aware the devastating effects on the excessive use of electronics can aid in averting unnecessary hazards (Gifford, 2013 p 19). Conducting the Primary Research Doing Interviews was the chosen mode of conducting primary research. Aims of the Research The study sought to investigate the adverse impact of technology on the society. Other specific objectives of the study included the following: i) To determine factors that affect the youth health culture in the society today ii) To show the relationship between advancement in technology and the healthy practices adopted by teenagers. iii) To determine how has the inclusion of digital media impacted the way healthcare information is disbursed to the youth in the country. Research Questions 1. How has technology changed our everyday lives? 2. What effect does technology have on society? 3. What are the prospects for technological development in the next 100 years? Significance of the study Little attention has been put into the research on challenges encountered as a result of the adoption of technology in promoting health and education amongst the youth in in the society Hence thisShow MoreRelatedHigh Dependence On Social Media Technology1648 Words   |  7 Pagesthere is high dependence on social media technology in daily human interaction and sharing of information. This has shaped the social interactions and development of personal relationships of people more so teenagers. Individuals in the modern society use social media technology extensively, which has caused significant change in time people spend in alternative activities. That is, given a time constraint of 24 hours in a day, time spent in using social media technology is drawn from another activityRead MoreModern Technology and Its Effects Essay1126 Words   |  5 Pagesof the technology. It has evolved with this society so deeply where such conveniences are no longer luxuries but rather necessities. U nfortunately, the most affected group of people from the developed technology is the younger age people (Subrahmanyam, 2000). In the past, children were more lively and active: playing outdoors, running around, climbing trees and remaining active rather than watching television and playing video game and computer. It is true that the use of the technology has itsRead MoreNegative Effects Of Technology On Youth1013 Words   |  5 Pagesmodern society, technology is commonly thought of as a necessity. This thought can mainly associate with the youth of today. Youth of today can be described as children, teenagers, and young adults living in this day and age. Children and young adults alike have only lived in a world run by technology in their lifetime. Youth depends on technology because they do not know how to live without it. Modern technology includes cell phones, lap tops, television, and many other devices. Technology allows forRead MoreAre We Becoming Technological Zombies?1548 Words   |  7 PagesSociety is evolving at an exponential rate. As humans, the need for technology is growing every single day, the use of this technology helps people through their daily tasks, whether it be checking the weather to know what to wear, or checking the calendar to see what meetings are on the schedule, to going to the factory and being around it and needing it for the job, such as producing cars on an assembly line. The need for technology as humans see, is growing, it is becoming more and more useful inRead MoreUsing Technological Approaches for the Presentation of Curriculum in Canadian Schools1096 Words   |  4 Pagesinformation technology. Things that were once done manually or by hand have now become computerized operating systems, which simply require a single click of a mouse to get a task completed. Information technology benefits society with communication by allowing people to stay in touch with their families at very affordable costs. It allows us to d o things faster and easier with the use of the internet. It has already become an integral part of our daily lives. For one, it is true that technology partlyRead MoreEssay On Technology And Technology852 Words   |  4 PagesTechnology is a huge part of our everyday lives. Its something we use all the time, but we are becoming too attached to it. Technology is a privilege, but we are letting it destroy our lives; the more technology we have the less we actually socialize with people. It can be a great tool, but overuse holds us back from living our lives to the fullest. Sometimes we need to put technology aside, and allow ourselves to see how beautiful life really is. Everyone in today’s society has a cell phone. TheRead MoreSocietys Addiction to Computers Essay781 Words   |  4 PagesOver the past years, with the exponential advance in technology, computers have developed to be the leader of the world. Increasingly, computers are playing more roles in helping people to remember a friend’s birthday or maintain relationships with others. Therefore, they have contributed positive to the development of relationships and improvement of the general knowledge of the society. Critics however argue that the society is becoming progressively more dependent on computers. In this essay,Read MoreEffects Of Technology On Our Lives1679 Words   |  7 PagesOn average people use technology eleven hours of the average waking hours of sixteen to eighteen. That is sixty one to sixty eight percent of waking time on technology. Overuse of any thing is unhealthy, especially overuse with so many adverse effects. Technology has three main categories of unhealthy effects. Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Social/Environmental. Because of its wide range of unhealthy effects on several aspects of life its use should be limited. Technology has unhealthy effects onRead MoreWhat Are Technological Determinism, Scot, Feminism, Semiotic Approach, Cultural / Media Studies Approach?1175 Words   |  5 Pagesthat a society s technology drives the development of its social structure and cultural values. Social construction of technology (also referred to as SCOT) is a theory within the field of Science and Technology Studies. Advocates of SCOT—that is, social constructivists—argue that technology does not determine human action, but that rather, human action shapes technology. They also argue that the ways a technology is used cannot be understood without understanding how that technology is embedded inRead MoreThe Impact Of Modern Technology On Our Lives1025 Words   |  5 PagesModern technology plays an important role in our lives like for work, school, and even play. Technology is used for entertainment, social, chatting, and finding answers. Entertainment consists of movie and T.V. apps, music apps, gaming consoles, and e-books. Entertainment use to be going out to theaters or a concert with friends, going outside to play games and reading a nice book that doesn’t have a battery. Socializing is any social media sites and chatting falls in the line of soc ial medias

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Police and Exclusionary Rule Applies Free Essays

Exclusionary Rule Exclusionary Rule According to â€Å"Legal Information Institute† (n. d. ), â€Å"The Exclusionary Rule prevents the government from using most evidence gathered in violation of the United States Constitution† (Exclusionary Rule). We will write a custom essay sample on Police and Exclusionary Rule Applies or any similar topic only for you Order Now This rule applies to evidence gained from an unreasonable search or seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and the Sixth Amendment. If evidence that falls within the scope of the exclusionary rule led law enforcement to other evidence, which they would not otherwise have located, then the exclusionary rule applies to the related evidence found subsequent to the excluded evidence as well. Such subsequent evidence has taken on the name of â€Å"fruit of the poisonous tree. † The Exclusionary Rule is a court-created remedy and deterrent, not an independent constitutional right. Courts will not apply the rule to exclude illegally gathered evidence where the costs of exclusion outweigh its deterrent or remedial benefits. Thus, the rule is not triggered when courthouse errors lead police officers to mistakenly believe that they have a valid search warrant, because excluding the evidence would not deter police officers from violating the law in the future Exceptions to the Rule There are exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule and they are listed as, another source is found that is untainted and had a role in finding the evidence. The next is evidence would have been located anyway, regardless of error or bad evidence. The next exception is that evidence may be used for witness removal on cross examination. While exception is that a witness’s identification of the defendant is not excluded if the witness could identify the defendant before arrested. Grand jury proceedings and evidence involved is excluded, and finally state agents that thought that they were complying with the Fourth Amendment. Costs and Benefits Some say that the rational choice model of criminal behavior predicts that if the Mapp ruling did affect the behavior of police— altering either the probability of conviction or detection then citizens should respond by ncreasing their level of unlawful activity. Since the exclusionary rule increases the costs of police investigations, the police will respond by substituting away from those activities that require a warrant towards those that do not (Rubin, 1998). This train of thought while in 1989 may have been progressive; the thought process was way off. Police have risen to the challenge to get evidence without breaking rights of those involved and properly h andling those Amendment rights. Many things have been learned during these times like obtaining a search warrant is worth the work put into it, if a warrant is filed correctly, listing the proper information, and holding the proper property then getting a conviction is a simple thing. Alternatives to the Exclusionary Rule Prosecution of police for trespassing, this can be done if the exclusionary rule did not exist. The prosecutors and the juries would be reluctant to do such. Civil tort action against officers, which can include all negligence cases as well as intentional wrongs which result in harm. Therefore tort law is one of the major areas of law. Administrative discipline by police internal affairs would be rampant if there was no rule to assist them with gathering evidence. There are many alternatives to the Exclusionary Rule but none are going to assist in the criminal justice system, this rule helps to balance everything on both sides of this system. There would be chaos in the courts, bad evidence, civil disputes, and offenders that have their rights violated. Conclusion The Exclusionary Rule was created in the hope to protect citizen’s rights while allowing the criminal justice system to do its job effectively. This rule has taken into consideration what the citizen goes through as well as what the police must do to properly execute their jobs. Exceptions to the rule, allows for accidents to happen, evidence to be gathered and submitted if no malice is detected, this allows the criminal justice system to work and stay balanced. These exceptions were created in the knowledge that the people that work in the criminal justice system are human, while ensuring that the offender has rights and they are protected. In a world without the Exclusionary Rule, civil liberties of both sides on the criminal justice ence will be negatively affected. The citizens could have the police come in and ransack their homes and take evidence without anyone’s consent and the other side leaves the entire criminal justice system open for attack. Keeping the Exclusionary Rule in place will ensure that the criminal justice system will continue to work as it was solely intended too. References Legal Information I nstitute. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. law. cornell. edu/wex/exclusionary_rule/ Rubin, P. H. (1998). EFFECTS OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ON CRIME RATES. Retrieved from http://economics. emory. edu/home/assets/†¦ /rubin_98_03_paper. pdf How to cite Police and Exclusionary Rule Applies, Essay examples

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Desso’s Leadership and Human Management Process †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Dessos Leadership and Human Management Process. Answer: Introduction Desso is a leading carpet manufacturing organization that has branches in several parts of the world. Desso is present in Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand, America as well as Australia. The organization has been in the carpet manufacturing industry for over 80 years and it has specialized in the production of commercial tiles and carpets to be used in high end offices and buildings. The organization targets the rich and affluent in the society and it has partnered up with architects in order to produce tiles and carpets that are appropriate for a modern design. The organization prides itself in the production of quality goods in order to beat competition. Additionally, instead of only selling its products to its customers, the organization has been able to partner up with other key players in the construction industry as part of a modern movement aimed at changing the way that houses are built. The organization has been able to be successful through the selection of ideal employees that are able to understand the goals and objectives of the organization. Additionally, it has been able to utilize various leadership skills which allow the employees to grow as well as follow the directives given by their superiors. Customer service is of great importance to the organization and that is why, the company seeks for its materials from New Zealand in order to come up with products that will change the way that people view the carpet industry. The slogan of the organization which reads the floor is yours allows the customer to feel appreciated and leads them to believe that they are in control of the choices that they make. The leadership and human management skills of the organization have enabled it to grow over the years and become a major competitor in carpet manufacturing industry. Sustainability Related models An organization needs to rely on the society in order for it to grow and be able to make an impact in the society and this can be achieved through the adoption of sustainability strategies. Sustainability strategies look at the market from a holistic perspective and divide it into various manageable sections for the organization[i]. This means that the organization will have an influence on the society, infrastructure as well as the environment. Desso is a leading carpet manufacturer and as such it has an effect on the people as well as the environment. The reason why the organization has been in existence for long is because it has managed to find a balance between maintaining the environment as well as pleasing their clients. The Desso carpets are made from wool that is acquired from New Zealand, their other products such as carpet tiles are made from high quality stones that are gathered from the environment[ii]. This means that for the organization to be in existence for that lon g and be able to continue producing high quality materials, it has to make valuable connections with the people as well as ensuring that it has maintained the environment. When one aspect is neglected, the other aspect is bound to fail. For example, if the organization focused more on human capital and failed to observe environmental sustainability then it would be difficult for the organization to make an impact in the community. Social Sustainability Desso operates in several parts of the world and as such it relies heavily on human capital for it to be successful. This means that the company has to invest in acquiring people that will be loyal and able to take instructions[iii]. The role of the human resource manager in any organization is to ensure that they are able to select a group of employees that will help the organization to achieve its goals. In this case, the organization seeks to transform the architecture industry by being able to have an input on the interior designing of a building. The organization therefore, hires people that have knowledge in interior designing as well as knowledgeable in understanding the needs of their clients[iv]. The success of the organization can be based on the fact that the human resources manager is able to evaluate the employees and assign them the duties that they can be able to manage in a given time frame. Human capital is a major component of the organization and this means that the organization has to spend money in looking for the right employees as well as sustaining them. When an employee is comfortable at their work place, it becomes easier for them to deliver on the job given. Therefore, there is need for constant motivation from the leaders in order to ensure that the employees are able to continue working effectively[v]. Giving competitive employee salary package will make it easy for the employee to remain loyal to the organization and not to entertain offers from a competition organization. Additionally, the organization relies on the creation of social networks that will enable it to remain relevant in the industry. This means that the organization has known the value of having relationships with other key players in the industry such as designers and architects. The social networks created ensure that the organization is able to find employment for its people as well as remain relevant in the industry[vi]. Moreover, it becomes important for the organization to build trust and a good reputation in order for it to last long in the market. Trust allows people to believe in the mission and goals of an organization and this can be achieved when the organization is dedicated to meeting the deadlines set by the customer. An organization has to put the needs of the client first in order to be able to acquire their trust[vii]. While it is important to meet the deadline of a project as agreed upon with the customer, it is more important to ensure that the services delivered are of high quality. A client will only offer a recommendation to another individual if they are pleased with the way that they were handled in the organization and if they were happy with the end product. Therefore, it is important to foster trust and a good reputation in order for an organization to be sustainable. Additionally, an organization has to have power and influence in their industry in order to achieve sustainability. This means that the organization will be able to be a leader in its capacity and enforce change. Desso has been in the carpet manufacturing industry for over 80 years and this has it grow and delve in new territories. Its presence in many countries across the world makes it easier to be established as a household name and many people can identify with their products[viii]. The projects that they have worked on over the years have seen them named as one of the leading organizations in the production of tiles as well as carpets. Desso is a key player in the industry thus making it easy to beat competition. Other organizations have to ensure that they are able to produce goods of the same quality as Desso in order to be sustainable. In addition, for an organization to be sustainable it has to understand the politics of the places that they decide to invest. Investments help the organization to grow and at the same time help their reputation to grow but before making an investment, the organization seeks to understand the political systems of the countries[ix]. This would help the organization to understand how business is run in this given countries and if the politics of the land will have a positive or negative effect on their business. With such an understanding, it becomes easier for the organization to know the strategies to adopt in order for their business to grow. Desso has invested in countries where the political systems are stable. It has chosen to invest in countries where there is minimal likelihood for the political systems to change[x]. The stability of the political systems makes it easy for the organization to focus on the manufacturing and sale of its products rather than the political instabil ity of the region. Sustainability is, therefore, possible through observation of political systems. Environmental Sustainability The organization relies on the environment to provide it with the materials needed to manufacture their products and as such there is need for it to be involved in activities that will ensure that the environment is protected. The company manufactures tiles that are come from unique materials such as stones and gems. Additionally, it manufactures its carpets from materials acquired from animals such as sheep and there is need for the organization to give back to the community by getting involved in projects that will encourage the sustainability of the environment[xi]. For example, the organization is involved in many projects that are geared towards the protection of the environment. In a world where global warming has become a continuous scare, the organization seeks for opportunities where it will be able to conserve the environment such as planting trees. In the production phase, the organization has acquired machinery that ensures there is minimal pollution of the environment[xi i]. This means that the organization has been able to control the fumes released to the environment in order to ensure that there is minimal interruption in the season cycles. Additionally, the plants are located in areas where there is minimal human population. The gases that are emitted during the production of tiles and carpets can be harmful to human beings and other living beings. The Desso companies are located in areas where it is hard for the fumes to interfere with the living conditions of living things[xiii]. Additionally, the workers are given special attires when working in the organization and this are meant to protect them from the dangerous fumes emitted during production. The consideration that the organization has put towards the environment and the people has made it easier for it to achieve sustainability. Leadership Strategies Strategic leadership is the ability of an individual to influence people to carry out their responsibilities thus leading to financial freedom. Strategic leadership allows the leaders to take a laid back approach in guiding their employees by helping them to see sense in the way that they achieve success. Leaders that employ strategic leadership are confident that with the right guidance employees can be successful in their filed with minimal supervision[xiv]. Strategic leadership requires the leader to craft elaborate and direct messages to help their employees make independent decisions that will in the end offer them and the organization financial stability. Desso has been in the carpet manufacturing industry for over 80 years and it has been able to achieve this through having employees that are able to make decisions geared towards the stability of the organization. Employees are allowed to make decisions on their own guided by the mission, vision and goals of the organization[xv]. The organization has employed employees from different cultures across the world and it has sustained them through allowing them to be self-reliant. Leaders in the organization employ different strategies that help them to command respect as well as loyalty from the employees. There are minimal restrictions on what an employee can do in the organization thus making the employees feel as part of the organization. They encourage creativity and this has helped the organization to continually beat competition. Leadership requires the leader to build the dreams of the employee in order for the organization to develop concepts that will lead to sustainability. Human Resource Management Finding the right people to work in an organization helps it to be successful and relevant in the given market. The human resource manager is tasked with the responsibility of looking for individuals that would help the company to grow and achieve its targets. This means the organization will have to acquire people that understand their mission, vision and goals to work in the organization[xvi]. For a startup, it can be challenging to find employees that will be able to fully grasp the intentions of the organization towards their audience. This means that the human resource manager would have to source around for new employees from time to time. However, for an organization such as Desso, employee retention is important. The human resource manager has been able to retain a number of employees by offering them lucrative salaries[xvii]. Additionally, the firm is able to encourage competition in the organization by ensuring that there are bonuses given to the best performing employees. When an employee is motivated enough, he/she is able to remain dedicated to their work which leads to the success of the organization. Moreover, employee retention in the organization has helped to create loyalty for the organization. The organization allows people to be creative in the designing and making of various products which makes it easier for the employees to enjoy their work. When an employees input in the work is valued, the employee is able to find meaning and satisfaction in their work thus making it easy for them to accomplish the tasks given to them[xviii]. Moreover, minimal supervision, leads an individual to be more reliable and efficient in their work. Recommendations The organization has been able to flourish for the 80 years because it has employed sustainability strategies. However, it would flourish if it was able to focus more on human capital retention that acquisition of resources. When an organization is able to invest in their employees, it is able to tap into the potential and the organization is able to achieve success[xix]. Additionally, the organization needs to employ people from different cultures in their organization in order to embrace cultural diversity. Cultural diversity encourages cohesion and the people are able to work together in order to deal with the existing problems[xx]. The organization could also invest in other untapped markets such as the middle class. They could manufacture goods that will carter for the middle class and in the process help to create more employment for different people. Venturing into a new market will help the organization to remain competitive as well as give back to the society[xxi]. Conclusion Desso is a leading carpet manufacturing organization that has been in the business for over 80 years. The organization has penetrated several countries in the world and they cater for the high end clientele. The organization has been able to remain as a competitive organization through investing in their employees as well as their products. The quality of their products has enabled it to expand into various territories. The strategic leadership employed by the organization has enabled it to retain several employees throughout the foreign countries. Human resource management is the acquisition of human capital in order to grow an organization. The human resource manager is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the employees they hire are a best fit for the organization. The sustainability strategies employed by the organization has enabled it to expand. Bibliography Hendry, C., 2012. Human resource management. Routledge. Legge, K., 1995. What is human resource management?. In Human Resource Management (pp. 62-95). Macmillan Education UK. Guest, D.E., 2011. Human resource management and performance: still searching for some answers. Human resource management journal, 21(1), pp.3-13. Wright, P.M. and McMahan, G.C., 2011. Exploring human capital: putting humanback into strategic human resource management. Human resource management journal, 21(2), pp.93-104. White, P., 2009. Building a sustainability strategy into the business. Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, 9(4), pp.386-394. Galpin, T. and Lee Whittington, J., 2012. Sustainability leadership: From strategy to results. Journal of Business strategy, 33(4), pp.40-48. Northouse, P.G., 2012. Leadership: Theory and practice. Sage. Avolio, B.J., 2007. Promoting more integrative strategies for leadership theory-building. American Psychologist, 62(1), p.25. Wallace, P., 2015. DESSO: Proving it by doing it. Waste Management and Environment, 26(3), p.14. Nguyen, H., Stuchtey, M. and Zils, M., 2014. Remaking the industrial economy. McKinsey Quarterly, 1, pp.46-63. Guldmann, E., 2014. Best Practice Examples of Circular Business Models. World, p.20. Johnson, K., Hays, C., Center, H. and Daley, C., 2004. Building capacity and sustainable prevention innovations: A sustainability planning model. Evaluation and Program Planning, 27(2), pp.135-149. Winstanley, D. and Woodall, J., 2000. The ethical dimension of human resource management. Human Resource Management Journal, 10(2), pp.5-20. Becker, B. and Gerhart, B., 1996. The impact of human resource management on organizational performance: Progress and prospects. Academy of management journal, 39(4), pp.779-801. McGovern, P., Gratton, L., Hope?Hailey, V., Stiles, P. and Truss, C., 1997. Human resource management on the line?. Human Resource Management Journal, 7(4), pp.12-29. Sisson, K., 1990. Introducing the human resource management journal. Human Resource Management Journal, 1(1), pp.1-11. Scullion, H., Collings, D.G. and Gunnigle, P., 2007. International human resource management in the 21st century: emerging themes and contemporary debates. Human Resource management journal, 17(4), pp.309-319.

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The Lady With The Dog 2 free essay sample

The Lady With The Dog # 8211 ; Anton Chekhov Essay, Research Paper The Lady With The Dog In the beginning of the narrative, Chekhov begins with the simple line, It was said that a new individual had appeared on the sea-front This transition shows that the local occupants of Yalta have discovered an foreigner, a individual they know nil about. Chekhov asks the reader to see who is she with and why is she at that place? The character of the crafty womaniser, Dmitri Gurov, besides asks these inquiries. When first reading I began to organize a certain sentiment of Dmitri. We know he is married and has kids. He besides admits to being unfaithful to his married woman on legion occasions. He appears to non similar adult females as he referred to them as the lower race. This feature of his personality leads to the brush between himself, the unfaithful hubby, and the immature cryptic Anna, in the gardens. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lady With The Dog 2 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If she is here entirely without a hubby or friends, it wouldn t be awry to do her familiarity. He stated of her. In the character of Dmitri, Chekhov gives a adult male who seems to contemn adult females ; he about ever spoke ailment of adult females However, I believe that this was an act that he showed. When he was in the company of adult females he felt free, and knew what to state to them and how to act ; and he was at easiness with them even when he was soundless. If Gurov regarded adult females as the lower race than why was he merely at remainder when in their company? In truth I think that he liked adult females, he needed adult females. The ground he puts on this tough cat act is because he has neer found a adult female that he genuinely loved. Every clip he had met a new adult female, he was tidal bore for life, and everything seemed simple and diverting. However, Every familiarity necessarily grows into a regular job of utmost elaborateness, and in the long tally the state of affairs becomes intolerable. Gurov did non cognize how to manage long complicated relationships that took work to keep. That is why his matrimony was a failure and unhappy. That is besides the ground why he ever became defeated and used adult females as a whipping boy. Dmitri is excited when he sees the new cryptic adult female ; he sees a new chance to get away the humdrum matrimony he is trapped in. Even though everything ever failed him before he was unconsciously compelled to seek and happen something that worked. After run intoing the lady with the Canis familiaris, he thought of her slender, delicate cervix, and her lovely grey eyes. Before he fell asleep though, he thought, There s something hapless about her, anyhow, as a reaction to what ever seemed to necessarily go on. He needs to protect his ain feelings. As Gurov shortly learns after he meets her, the adult female s name is Anna Serveyevna. She struck me as a really immature, na ve adult female who can sometimes be controlled by work forces. She was non certain whether her hubby had a station in a Crown Department or under the Provincial Council and was amused by her ain ignorance. She does non even care what her hubby s business is! She is non happy with her matrimony. She was diffident and did non look to be comfy around work forces. When she had her first conversation with Dmitri, she would reply him without looking at him as if glancing at another adult male was out. However, as the writer stated earlier in the narrative, Gurov knew how to near unfamiliar adult female and do them experience comfy in his presence. He was able to interrupt through Anna s shell and wheedle her into opening up and discoursing random things such as unusual visible radiation on the sea and how sultry it was after a hot twenty-four hours. As they continued to run into, Anna s passiveness continued to be reflected in the manner she acted. He asked her Where shall we travel now? Shall we drive someplace? to which her answers were mere silence. Again subsequently he drew his arm around her and kissed her and requested that they traveled to her hotel. Nowhere in the text does the adult female suggest anything. She neer appears to be the coquettish one interested in Gurov. Alternatively, she thinks of her high ethical motives and values. After their first sexual experience together, she described herself as a low bad adult female. She stated I despise myself and wear t effort to warrant myself. However, her passivity prevailed and she continued to care for the adult male who is non her hubby. She besides did non believe extremely of her hubby every bit much as she had thought she had when he took her, as his married woman. I was twenty when I was married to him. I have been tormented by wonder ; I wanted something better. she stated. She may hold been a governable adult female but she had found a adult male to command who was interesting and merriment to be with. Even though her beliefs pointed off from Gurov, he was able so sway her and convert her that she wanted to be with him. Finally Anna had to go forth the gratifying resort town of Yalta. Even though she enjoyed her clip with him, she still returns to her normal dry life with her hubby. It was the 18th century and as a adult female she is expected to be dedicated to her hubby and cipher else. At this point, I believe that Chekhov efforts to gull the reader. I think that he tries to set the reader in suspense and perchance believe that Anna has lost involvement of Dmitri. You don t know what Anna is believing because Chekhov merely allows the reader think these things by demoing you the interior of Dmitri s self-piteous ideas. He was move, sad, and witting of a little compunction. This immature adult female whom he would neer run into once more had non been happy with him ; he was truly warm and fond with her, but yet in his mode, his tone, and his caresses there had been a shadiness of light sarcasm, the harsh superciliousness of a happy adult male who was, besides, about twice her age. Dmitri is get do wning to experience regretful for himself and frustrated that one time once more a adult female he has cared for has non worked in his subconscious pursuit for a fulfilling relationship. If he can non be with Anna he does non desire to penalize himself with her invariably make fulling his head. As, a consequence he tries to force Anna out of his caput. Gurov goes for a long clip experiencing this manner about himself and yet he can non agitate the ideas of his lady with the Canis familiaris. He tries to comfort himself with people around him but to everyone else it is unimportant. It is besides hard to discourse with anybody because he is still married and he is entirely in this secret matter. All of these feelings he has led me to believe that Anna no longer cared for Dmitri. Finally he decides that he can non populate on without her. Before this idea occurred to him he became absorbed in Moscow life. He already felt a yearning to travel to eating houses, nines, dinner-parties, and anniversary parties in another month, he fancied, the image of Anna Sergeyevna would be shrouded in a mist in his memory. Yet, a month came and went and Anna neer left his memory. He was sick of his kids, sick of the bank ; he had no desire to travel anyplace or to speak of anything. Everything else in his life has become meaningless. What mindless darks, what uninteresting, uneventful yearss! The fury for card-playing, the gluttony, the inebriation, the continual talk ever about the same thing. These were the things that he had tried to busy himself with earlier. When Anna left he needed something to make full his nothingness and take up his ideas. Now he realizes that nil can take the topographic point of her. He needs to see her once more and as a consequence he travels to h er hometown to happen her. He arrived there merely to go a alien in uncomfortable milieus. Everything is unfamiliar and foreign and one time once more Chekhov nowadayss Dmitri s ideas to convert the reader that Anna is gone everlastingly. Dmitri walked up and down, and loathed the grey fencing more and more, and by now he thought testily that Anna Sergeyevna had forgotten him. Yet he has to at least see her in order to populate one time once more. When he sees her at the theater I think that the reader eventually realizes how suffering Anna is with her normal life with her bland hubby. He was described as a adult male who wasn t attractive and even worse a adult male who didn T wage attending to his married woman. At this point you can see that she is unhappy and that she still thinks of the clip she one time had with Dmitri in Yalta. In the terminal Dmitri is eventually able to face his job of covering with a complicated relationship. He eventually finds a adult female that will return his feelings and work along with him. Still though, I feel that the last sentence foresees problem in the hereafter. And it seemed as though in a small while the solution would be found, and so a new and glorious life would get down ; and it was clear to both of them that they had still a long, long route before them, and that the most complicated and hard portion of it was merely merely get downing. To me this sounded queerly familiar to all of the other adult female that Dmitri had fallen to in his yesteryear.

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The Jim Crow Era

The Jim Crow Era The Jim Crow Era in United States history began towards the end of the Reconstruction Period and lasted until 1965 with the passage of the Voting Rights Act. The Jim Crow Era was more than a body of legislative acts on the federal, state and local levels that barred African-Americans from being full American citizens. It was also a way of life that allowed de jure racial segregation to exist in the South and de facto segregation to thrive in the North. Origin of the Term "Jim Crow" In 1832,  Thomas D. Rice, a white actor, performed in blackface to a routine known as â€Å"Jump Jim Crow.†Ã‚   By the end of the 19th Century, as southern states passed legislation that segregated African-Americans, the term Jim Crow was used to define these laws In 1904, the phrase Jim Crow Law was appearing in American newspapers. Establishment of a Jim Crow Society In 1865, African-Americans were emancipated from enslavement with the thirteenth amendment. By 1870, the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments are also passed, granting citizenship to African-Americans and allowing African-American the right to vote. By the end of the Reconstruction period, African-Americans were losing federal support in the South. As a result, white legislators on state and local levels passed a series of laws that separated African-Americans and whites in public facilities such as schools, parks, cemeteries, theaters, and restaurants. In addition to barring African-Americans and whites from being in integrated public areas, laws were established prohibiting African-American men from participating in the election process. By enacting poll taxes, literacy tests and grandfather clauses, state and local governments were able to exclude African-American from voting.   The Jim Crow Era was not just laws passed to separate blacks from whites. It was also a way of life. White intimidation from organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan kept African-Americans from rebelling against these laws and becoming too successful in southern society.  For instance, when  writer Ida B. Wells began exposing the practice of lynching and other forms of terrorism through her newspaper, Free Speech and Headlight, her printing office was burned to the ground by white vigilantes.   Impact on American Society In response to Jim Crow Era laws and lynchings, African-Americans in the South began participating in the Great Migration. African-Americans moved to cities and industrial towns in the North and West hoping to escape the de jure segregation of the South. However, they were unable to elude de facto segregation, which barred African-Americans in the North from joining specific unions or being hired in particular industries, purchasing homes in some communities, and attending choice schools. In 1896, a group of African-American women established the National Association of Colored Women to support women’s suffrage and fight against other forms of social injustice. By 1905, W.E.B. Du Bois and William Monroe Trotter developed the Niagara Movement, assembling more than 100 African-American men throughout the United States to aggressively fight against racial inequality.  Four years later, the Niagara Movement morphed into the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to fight against social and racial inequality through legislation, court cases, and protests. The African-American press exposed the horrors of Jim Crow to readers throughout the country. Publications such as the Chicago Defender provided readers in southern states with news about urban environments- listing train schedules and job opportunities. An End to the Jim Crow Era During World War II the wall of Jim Crow began to slowly crumble. On the federal level, Franklin D. Roosevelt  established the Fair Employment Act or Executive Order 8802 in 1941 which desegregated employment in war industries after civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph threatened a March on Washington in protest to racial discrimination in the war industries.   Thirteen years later, in 1954, Brown v. Board of Education ruling found the separate but equal laws unconstitutional and desegregated public schools. In 1955, a seamstress and NAACP secretary named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus. Her refusal led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which lasted over a year and began the modern Civil Rights Movement. By 1960s, college students were working with organizations such as CORE and SNCC, traveling to the South to spearhead voter registration drives.  Men such as Martin Luther King Jr. were speaking not only throughout the United State but the world, about the horrors of segregation. Finally, with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Jim Crow Era was buried for good.

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Best Value Procurement Bids in Council Services

Best Value Procurement Bids in Council Services Empirical Work This paper is an empirical study on the strategic significance that Best Value (BV) Procurement adds to Birmingham City Council. The aim of the proposed research is to quantify the strategic link between the BV and the contemporary strategic Procurement. Then to create a model which will evaluate the contribution of the strategy when applied to Birmingham City Council. Best Value was introduced into the public sector in 1998, announced through the government’s white paper â€Å"Modern Local Government in Touch with the People†. This paper introduced extensive reform of local government, including the new initiative of BV. Within this BV is the e-Government, Community Planning, Strategic Partnerships and new political management structures (White Paper 1998). The theory of Best Value was aimed at improving local government services; this was introduced in the Local Government Act 1999. BV replaced the old system of Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT), and required local authorities to review over a period of five years, the method in which they conduct all their functions. This would take the form of consultation with the local community to deliver the most effective, economic and efficient services (Local Government Act 1999). The Governments intention to reform local government continued and in 2001 they published a further white paper entitled â€Å"Strong Local Leadership, Quality Public Services†. Addressed within this paper were issues that included strong community leadership, continuous improvement, comprehensive performance assessment, financial freedom and modernisation of finance systems (White Paper 2001). The report in 2001 Delivering Better Services for Citizens, a review of local government procurement in England was published as a consultation paper. The report included the following recommendation; there should be clear political responsibility for procurement, with elected members taking a strategic role in securing outcomes. Best Value is about breaking down the boundaries between the public and private sectors in local service delivery. (The Byatt Report 2001) This research paper is based on the government white papers and reports which initially defined BV in procurement and established Strategic Management tools used to identify strategic choice within local authorities. The conceptual analysis is based on identifying the congruence of strategic links between the BV definition and chosen Strategic Management tools. The focus of the paper is Birmingham City Council’s BV practices, and this will be measured against the resulting model. The output of this research is to measure the strategic worth of Best Value and the strategic worth of Birmingham City Council’s delivery of Best Value. The paper will evaluate the relative merits of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.    Methodology The rationale of this chapter is to compare and discuss the researc h methods that could be used for this empirical research paper. When researching any paper there are numerous methods for collecting data, they do not always produce workable data that is easy to analysis. Therefore it is vital to review and plan the methods that will be employed. Before beginning any of the research a time scale will be composed, this will plan and set targets for the research. This plan is flexible, to allow for any considerable changes to the project due to unexpected research findings. Theoretically, the proposal should draw attention to any difficulties with the research question and the access to the data.

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In what ways and how effectively can governments facilitate the Essay

In what ways and how effectively can governments facilitate the development of major industries and contribute to national competitiveness - Essay Example These are preferential trade agreement that allows free market access to the member countries. Increase in integration agreements demonstrates motivation of the national governments (Dennis, 2002). This is a strategy to gain advantage of size in market a creating a large market for the major industries and protecting them from outside competition (Hitt Ireland & Hoskisson,  1999). Removal of trade barriers may lead the firms to realign their organizational structures to focus on a regional market. These integrations will continue to be building blocks in the global economy. The formation international integration like European Union liberalized public procurement (Stanley Hoffman, 2002). It also reduced the cost of uncertainty of different currencies. Tesco is the UK’s leading food retailer, benefits from European Union fewer regulation. Therefore, it has been able to penetrate in several countries within the region. United States also entered into a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, NAFTA to eliminate trade restrictions (UN, 2001). NAFTA also encourages improvement of infrastructures within member states. Wal-Mart was able to enter Mexico market in 1990, and by 2004 it became the largest retail store. This has enabled the Mexico retail sector to grow after the trade liberalization under NAFTA. Moreover, NAFTA has necessitated foreign direct investments in Mexico (Paprzycki & Fukao,  2008). The Agreement in the Southeast Asia (ASEAN) was formed to promote multilateral economic cooperation within the Pacific region (Rondinelli, Heffron & Pacific Basin Research Center, 2007). The leaders committed themselves to achieving free and open trade in the region. BYD also has benefited from zero tariffs under the free trade liberalization between China and ASEAN. The market systems are the drivers on the national economic growth and ways through which private enterprise

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Sustainability Assessment of Building Projects Literature review

Sustainability Assessment of Building Projects - Literature review Example European Union has recently developed a number of harmonized tools and standards for sustainable development in building projects namely the EN15643-3:2012, EN15643-3:2010 and prEN16309. However, a number of international methods are still being used by the individual states within the EU but in alignment with the current European Union directives. For example, one of the standards that are widely used in many EU member states at the moment is the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). The model has not only provided a comprehensive tool of assessing various sustainability issues but is also being used as a measure of the general performance of the building and construction projects in the country. Another important sustainability assessment model used in the European Union is the Leadership and Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) model. As one of the one of the most internationally recognized building and construction certification systems, the standard is increasingly being used in Ireland and many other European Union member states to provide third party verification for building projects with regard to different sustainability aspects such as energy savings, carbon emissions, water efficiency indoor environment quality as well as resource usage. Finally, the other models such as the German model known as the DGNB, has also been recently adopted by a number of European Union member States. Existing International and European Assessment Models

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Monarchy In United Kingdom Essay Example for Free

Monarchy In United Kingdom Essay At an estimated cost of  £202 million a year the British monarchy is the most expensive in Europe and is more than double the cost of the Dutch monarchy.  £202.4 million is equivalent to the cost of 9,560 nurses, 8,200 police officers and more than the total annual Ministry of Defence spending on food (Royal Finances, 2012). What we really have to question is, is it worth it? What do we, as British citizens, gain from paying for such an expensive monarchy when the money could be spent on nursing, policing or the Ministry of Defence? Many believe that the monarchy has run its course and is no longer beneficial to our modern day society; whilst others feel that the monarchy is a symbol of Britain and our patriotic pride. Supporters of the monarchy would argue that the monarchy is one of Britain’s key features to its tourism industry, with nearly four million people visiting the palaces last year, supplying many citizens with temporary seasonal jobs to meet their demands (should Britain scrap the monarchy, 2012). However 2010 online statistics from Visit Britain reveal there are no monarchy related attractions in Britain’s top ten tourist attractions (top 10 English tourist attractions, 2010). This suggests that the British tourism industry could survive without the monarchy and possibly even increase as tourists would be granted full access to Buckingham palace. Currently Buckingham palace is not open to tourists all year round, and when it is the public are only allowed to see a few of the rooms. Therefore if the palace was open all year round, tourist visits could potentially increase. This could generate more revenue and potentially create jobs which may help our country out of the recession (Tourism, 2010). To further support the case that tourism may not be affected, we only have to look at other countries throughout the world. From the 2011 data found by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, we can see that out of the five most visited countries in the world which are France, USA, China, Spain and Italy only Spain has a monarchy (Rosenberg, 2011). For that reason alone we could argue that having no monarchy might not affect our tourism revenue in a negative manner at all, it just further highlights the unnecessary cost of maintaining British monarchy. Without the monarchy in place we would become a republican nation with a president in power. Statistics have revealed that the British monarchy is nearly 112 times more expensive to run than the Irish presidential system and more than twice as expensive as the French semi-presidential system (Royal finances,  2012). This is perhaps further evidence to illustrate that the monarchy is an unnecessary expense, and we should possibly head towards becoming a republican nation with a president who has earned the right to be there; and not just had the power handed to them through hereditary links. Graham Smith (2010), the chief executive of â€Å"Republic†, which campaigns for a democratic alternative to the monarchy believes that the monarchy should be abolished, as hereditary links to the throne are not justifiable. He said in an article online at CNN. â€Å"Were supposed to be a democratic society, in a democratic society there is no room for a head of state who is put there for life and by birth. A hereditary monarch has no place in a society that believes we the people should be in charge.† Power is something that should be earned and whoever is in charge should have the right credentials to exercise power. If power is just handed down to somebody how do we know they are capable of the task in hand? Our current system with a monarchy in place is very out-dated and many other commonwealth countries, for example Australia, are now looking at abolishing the monarchy and becoming a republican nation. The argument here is perhaps it is time for us to look at doing the same and hand over the power to an individual who has earned the right to be there. Many people are strongly of the belief that the monarchy should be abolished and Graham Smith (2010) of the ‘Republic’ asks a very good question â€Å"After 60 years who can quote a famous speech or point to a moment of crisis or celebration when the queen offered leadership and inspiration?† This is the question many people may be asking, and using to question why the monarchy should not be abolished. Although republicans will point towards this to back the abolishment of the monarchy there are many reasons to support the monarchy and not abolish it. The monarchy is a symbol of Britain and with this comes a feeling of great pride and history. In a BBC poll in 2007 80% of people said they wanted to retain the monarchy. This shows how much the monarchy really means to Britain as a nation and symbolises the pride the nation feels towards the monarchy (Should Britain scrap the monarchy, 2012). The monarchy is not just symbolised across Britain, the British monarchy has a world-wide respected status of authority and symbolises nationhood and stability. Without the monarchy in place many monarchists would argue that the country would lose some of its pride and respect throughout the world; they question whether a president would really command the same respect as  the royal family? The respect the monarchy has throughout the world creates good relations with other countries through st ate visits. This is vital in many of our country’s business deals and probably would not be possible with a president in place (Should Britain scrap the monarchy, 2012). The British public have a low perception of and a general disliking for politicians and this would be a disadvantage of a presidential system. The general view of monarchists on politicians is that they have one path minds, their way is always correct and they are only interested in their own personal gains (Heffer, 2011). However, the queen is viewed as a neutral figurehead and brings a level of balance and equality into society where the democratic aspects appear corrupt and full of scandal. We only have to look at the recent expense scandals that tarnished the government to see this. From this we can question: is this really how we want our country run? I imagine the majority of people would answer this with a â€Å"no†. Although there are many good points from tourism statistics that back the abolition, there are also statistics that are in favour of the monarchy, in relation to tourism. Perhaps the country would increase its revenue from tourist attractions alone without a monarchy. However, those statistics do not take into account the royal events that bring millions of pounds into the British economy. The royal wedding in 2011 generated an approximate revenue of  £1-2 billion, and with over two billion estimated television viewers worldwide it shows the popularity of our monarchy throughout the world (Impact on British economy, 2011). With a president in place it is unlikely that you would achieve figures like this for a â€Å"president’s wedding†, it doesn’t have the same appeal. The queen’s diamond jubilee also had a massive boost on the UK economy with a boost of  £409 million. Monarchists would argue that these figures alone are enough to keep the monarchy in place as it out-weighs the counter argument provided by republicans. Overall, after viewing arguments for and against the abolishment of the monarchy, I believe the monarchy should not be abolished. I believe this because without it the country would lose a lot of its worldwide respect. The queen is a symbol of our authority throughout history and commands respect which I feel could not be achieved with a president in place. Whilst everything in society appears corrupt why should we trust a democratic system that would have a president with his own interests at heart? Throughout all of the government’s recent scandals the  monarchy has remained a figure of respect and portrays this image across the world. I do agree with some of the arguments to abolish the monarchy, for example power should be earned not passed down through hereditary links. Nevertheless even though the throne is handed down to them, royalty spend all their lives preparing for the tasks they are required to do. With the inheritance of the throne they also inherit the worldwide respect and I believe that could not be earned by a president. Taking these views into consideration I believe the monarchy should remain intact, and should do for a long time to come.

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The Technological Feasibility of HIPAA Requirements :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Introduction The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, is a law designed â€Å"to improve portability and continuity of health insurance coverage in the group and individual markets, to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery, to promote the use of medical savings accounts, to improve access to long-term care services and coverage, to simplify the administration of health insurance, and for other purposes.†1 HIPAA mandates that covered entities must employ technological means to ensure the privacy of sensitive information. This white paper intends to study the requirements put forth by HIPAA by examining what is technically necessary for them to be implemented, the technological feasibility of this, and what commercial, off-the-shelf systems are currently available to implement these requirements. HIPAA Overview On July 21, 1996, Bill Clinton signed HIPAA into law. It was passed partly because of the failure of congress to pass comprehensive health insurance legislation earlier in the decade. The general goals of HIPAA are to: * Increase number of employees who have health insurance; * Reduce health care fraud and abuse; * Introduce/implement administrative simplifications in order to augment effectiveness of health care in the US; * Protect the health information of individuals against access without consent or authorization; * Give patients more rights over their private data; * Set better boundaries for the use of medical information; * Hold people accountable for misuse; * Encourage administrative simplification (in the form of digitalization of information) to help reduce costs. HIPAA affects covered entities which are defined as: – Health plans; – Health care clearinghouses; – Health care providers who transmit health information in electronic form for certain standard transactions. Even though HIPAA was singed into law over seven years ago, its effects are mostly being felt now. This is because of its schedule of compliance: * 10/16/2002 - Transactions and code sets * 4/14/2003 – Privacy Rule * 4/14/2003 – Business Associates * 4/20/2005 – Security Rule This delay stems from a provision in the original act stating that if Congress did not specify certain regulations by the end of 1999, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had to do it. Congress did not meet its deadline, so HHS had to write up the regulations and give companies a chance to implement them.

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Patterns of Evolution

Patterns of Evolution Humans alter our environment to suit our needs rather than adapt to our environment based on environmental stressors. Due to this fact, we are unlikely to be affected by the pressures of natural selection. We will not likely be affected by further evolution. In convergent evolution, unrelated species living in the similar environments become more and more alike in appearance as they adapt to the same kind of environment. Dolphins and sharks are examples of convergent evolution. Although they are from different vertebrate groups, they live in similar environment. They have evolved similar characteristics like their body shape, coloration, location of back fins, and shape of tail. Divergent evolution is the process of two or more related species becoming more and more dissimilar. Adaptive radiation is an example of divergent evolution. Horses are an example of divergent evolution. Over time as they adapted to different environments, the species diverged and evolved into mules and zebras. Honeycreeper birds are examples of adaptive radiation. Species of birds evolved, seemingly from a single familial species, on a group of islands. Co-evolution is the evolution of one species influencing the evolution of another species. Predators and their prey sometimes co-evolve. Cheetahs and Thompson’s gazelles are examples of co-evolution. As a result of co-evolution, Cheetahs have evolved into the world`s fastest mammal and the gazelle is just slightly slower. As predators evolve, prey evolves and vice versa. Divergent evolution could have an impact on humans in the future. Although we are all different in appearances and characteristics right now, we could diverge in the future. Climates are different all over the world and as human move to and habitat in these environments, the body could adapt to the different atmosphere. This will cause humans to diverge in appearance. Head shape could change, skin and eye color as well. References Pruitt, N. L. , & Underwood, L. S. (2006). Bioinquiry: Making connections in biology (3rd ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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Transfer of Property

THE TRANSFER OF PROPERTY ACT, 1882 PERSONS COMPETENT TO TRANSFER (Section-7 ) Submitted by: Ananya mohapatra BBA-LLB (A) 5th Semester 1082015 PERSONS COMPETENT TO TRANSFER (Section-7) Every person competent to contract and entitled to transferable property, or authorized to dispose of transferable property not his own, is competent to transfer such property either wholly or in part, and either absolutely or conditionally, in the circumstances, to the extent and in the manner, allowed and prescribed by any law for the time being in force.Who is a Transferor? Every person who is competent to contract as per the Indian Contract Act is also competent to transfer a property provided that he is authorized to transfer it as per the law. The term â€Å"authorized† needs to emphasize. If transferor is not owner of the property he purports to transfer he must show that he is otherwise authorizes by law to transfer the property. Who is a Transferee? As far as a transferee is concerned th ere is no such requirement that he must be competent to contract.So, a minor, lunatic- all they can be transferees. However, a few limitations are there. First in the lease of lease both transferor and transferee have to be major or otherwise competent to make contract. Second, if a gift is made to a minor, it has to be accepted by its guardian. Apart from these, there may also be some special provisions which attach some (dis)qualification to a person wanted to be a transferee. For Eg: S. 136 of the T. P. Act provides that officers of the court including judges and advocates cannot be assignee of actionable claims.COMPETENT TO TRANSFER Under S 6(h) (3), any person is competent to be a transferee, unless legally disqualified. This section deals with the competency of a transferor. The transferor must be- a) competent to contract; and b) have title to the property or authority to transfer it if not his own. COMPETENT TO CONTRACT This is the same condition as is enacted by S 7 of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 for the creation of a trust. S 11 of the Indian Contract Act 1872 defines the capacity to contract.The power to transfer must depend upon the power to contract, for without an antecedent contract to give and take; there can be no transfer at all. MINOR AS A TRANSFEROR The transferor must have attained the age of majority according to the law to which he is subject. The Privy Council held that a contract by a minor is void and so therefore the transfer by a minor is also void. Although a minor is not competent to transfer, yet a transfer to a minor is valid. LUNATIC AS A TRANSFEROR Under S. 2 of the Indian Contract Act 1872, a person is of sound mind for the purpose of making a contract if he is capable of understanding and of forming a rational judgment as to its effect upon his interests. A contract made by a lunatic is void under the Indian Contract Act 1872, and so also a transfer by him of his property is void. Disqualified to contract A statutory disqual ification to contract imports, as in the case of a minor, inability to transfer. Such a disqualification ensues when the owner’s property is under the management of the Court of Wards, or of an officer appointed under Encumbered Estates Act.A judgment debtor whose property is being sold in execution by the collector is also incompetent to alienate. Oral Transfer: Formalities of a Transfer Section 9 of the TP Act states that in every case where writing is not required a transfer can be made orally. The meaning is that if writing is not required by Law- property can be transferred by delivery of possession of the property. Pre-requisites of a valid transfer: 1) Property must be transferable S. 6 2) Transferor must be competent to contract and should not be disqualified under any special law S. 3) Transferee should also not be qualified under special law S. 7 4) Legal formalities required by law should be fulfilled S. 9 5) Consideration and object of transfer should not be contr ary to law or public policy S. 6(h) (A person’s conduct in collecting rents and managing an estate of the landlord does not empower him to transfer the land as the landlord’s agent; Balai Chandra Mondal v. Indurekha Devi, AIR 1973 SC 782. ) ____________________________________________________________________

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Free Essays on Causes Of The American Revolution

One cannot say there is one cause to the American Revolution because there were many contributing factors. Historians argue that the revolution was political and the colonists were just trying to preserve their rights. Another view is that the colonists were concerned with economic issues. Others argue that distance and Great Britain's â€Å"benign neglect† made revolution inevitable. All are correct but some played greater roles than others. The period known as â€Å"benign neglect† took place in the early 1700s before the thirteen colonies were prosperous. England neglected the colonies because it was in their best interest not to interfere. For example, a Roman Catholic man named Lord Baltimore founded Maryland in 1634. Townspeople soon established a proprietary system of self- government. This is just one example of what was achieved without the help of Great Britain. Similar advances happened throughout all the colonies. When New England along with the rest of the colonies began to prosper and set up more proprietary systems of self-government England began to take notice that the colonies could be used as a source of profit. â€Å"Benign neglect† was an important aspect of the revolution. Without having been left alone for many years America would have not have developed the taste of independence. Independence was what the American Revolution was all about. Many Navigation Acts had been passed starting in 1650 but none were enforced until Britain noticed they could cash in on the now prospering economic system of the colonies. Mercantilism played this role. The idea of mercantilism was to achieve economic self-sufficiency by exporting more than importing. England viewed the colonies as an easy way to do just that. For example, the colonies were forbidden to produce for export woolen cloth and beaver hats, because the colonies were supposed to â€Å"compliment and not compete with British industry.† Later in 1660 Charles II appr... Free Essays on Causes Of The American Revolution Free Essays on Causes Of The American Revolution Causes of the Revolutionary War During the late seventeen hundreds, many tumultuous events resulted in colonial opposition to Great Britain. The conditions of rights of the colonists will slowly be changed as the constriction of the parliament becomes more and more intolerable. During the seven years war England was not only alarmed by the colonists insistence on trading with the enemy, but also with Boston merchants hiring James Otis in order to protest the legality of the writs of assistance used to hunt out smuggled goods. â€Å"Let the parliament lay what burthens they please on us, we must, it is our duty to submit and patiently bear them, till they will be pleased to relieve us†. This is a very strong dictum, that in 1764, the colonists were of a submissive nature, and were weakly pleading for self-autonomy. This small fire of anger will become a huge conflagration as the rights are slowly rescinded. On October of 1765 the Stamp Act Congress and Parliamentary Taxation committees’s passed some laws that attempted to strengthen the grip of the English crown. That his Majesty’s subjects in these colonies, owe the same allegiance to the crown of Great Britain. This statement can be used as a summation of the entire document that the Stamp Act Congress had initiated. The statement depicts the colonists has having to be submissive and servile in the view of Great Britain, this policy angered the colonists very much, and was another component of the transition of the colonists rights and liberties. When the Declatory Act was passed in March of 1766, many colonies were attempting to claim that they were seceding from England. Where as several of the house of representatives in his majesty’s colonies and plantations in America, have of late, against law, or to the general assemblies of the same, th... Free Essays on Causes Of The American Revolution One cannot say there is one cause to the American Revolution because there were many contributing factors. Historians argue that the revolution was political and the colonists were just trying to preserve their rights. Another view is that the colonists were concerned with economic issues. Others argue that distance and Great Britain's â€Å"benign neglect† made revolution inevitable. All are correct but some played greater roles than others. The period known as â€Å"benign neglect† took place in the early 1700s before the thirteen colonies were prosperous. England neglected the colonies because it was in their best interest not to interfere. For example, a Roman Catholic man named Lord Baltimore founded Maryland in 1634. Townspeople soon established a proprietary system of self- government. This is just one example of what was achieved without the help of Great Britain. Similar advances happened throughout all the colonies. When New England along with the rest of the colonies began to prosper and set up more proprietary systems of self-government England began to take notice that the colonies could be used as a source of profit. â€Å"Benign neglect† was an important aspect of the revolution. Without having been left alone for many years America would have not have developed the taste of independence. Independence was what the American Revolution was all about. Many Navigation Acts had been passed starting in 1650 but none were enforced until Britain noticed they could cash in on the now prospering economic system of the colonies. Mercantilism played this role. The idea of mercantilism was to achieve economic self-sufficiency by exporting more than importing. England viewed the colonies as an easy way to do just that. For example, the colonies were forbidden to produce for export woolen cloth and beaver hats, because the colonies were supposed to â€Å"compliment and not compete with British industry.† Later in 1660 Charles II appr...

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Critically evaluate the banking system in Switzerland Essay

Critically evaluate the banking system in Switzerland - Essay Example In 2002, the FBC called for stricter regulations to combat money laundering and the funding of terrorist activities as well thorough regulations in dealing with assets belonging to infamous political figures. An edict calling for eradication of unidentified overseas money transfers was introduced in 2003. These legislation have aimed at streamlining the structures and offer more flexible systems in order to improve competitiveness. 1.2 The Universal system However, there are several specialized banking groups in Switzerland. The domestic banking market is dominated by eight groups of banks. Two of the largest banks, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and the Credit Suisse Group, offer varied financial services that include portfolio management and underwriting. They also participate in the stock market. Switzerland has seen a reduction of the number of banks from more than 600 banks in 1990 to slightly more than 350 in 2004 courtesy of consolidation and mergers. It is the purpose of this paper to look at some of the considerations taken into account by the regulatory authorities (Swiss National Bank & The Federal Banking commission) as they endeavor to provide direction for banking institutions. Deposit acceptance and lending are some of the fundamental functions of banking institutions. A section of this paper will focus on costs and degree of risk associated with banks' lending activity in a rapidly changing financial market. Hanson, J.L. (1974) Mergers bring with them

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Multinational Enterprises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Multinational Enterprises - Essay Example "Culture has a variety of embedded layers. National culture represents only the outermost layer with organizational culture, work culture, regional culture, familial culture, and so on constituting the inner layers." Brannen, M.Y. & Salk, J.E. (1999:34) cited in Beecher & Bird. However, there are much larger issues at stake. The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations requested as early as 1972 that a group of eminent persons be set up to study the role of multinationals and their impact on development especially in developing countries, and their implications for international relations and where necessary for Governments to have access to the information in order to facilitate their sovereign decisions and maybe even international action: Anti-globalisation voices argue that Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) are not concerned with development. MNEs tend to accentuate disparities and inequalities in the absence of proper government policies and social. Further, as their products and services target high net worth individuals, their activities are not sustainable and convey limited benefits to the majority of the indigenous population: "They affect patterns of consumption and the direction of innovation; they orient technological change and investment; and they own or produce most of the basic commodities used in industry and commerce; intentionally or unintentionally, they can affect political processes of both home and host countries" - United Nations (1974:29, 30). Whilst lauding companies like Co-op and Iceland for breaking ranks and working in collaboration with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to put resources into building social enterprises, Roddick (2001) argues that their efforts are still inadequate: "Because the most powerful bodies in the world, the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are also the least democratic and inclusive. The result has been a major democratic deficit that threatens the delicate consent that globalization has been able to operate under, and also - as it happens - threatens what progress the NGOs have been able to make." Roddick (2001:14) In contrast, Rugman (2000:5) defines a multinational enterprise as: "a firm with production and/or distribution facilities in two or more countries." He denies the concept of a single global market and posits that the majority of business activity takes place in regional blocks, particularly Japan, North America and the European Union. Rugman gives critics of MNEs short shrift. For example, in reply to a claim that MNEs wield political power, he retorts: "These enterprises are preoccupied with survival, profitability and growth and, in general, are far too busy to deal in any meaningful way with the social, cultural, and related non-economic areas of government activity." (Rugman 2000:6) He goes on to demolish critics of the World Trade O

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Determinants of Internet Use in Iraq-Estimate multinomial probit of Essay

Determinants of Internet Use in Iraq-Estimate multinomial probit of choices of Internet modes - Essay Example This chapter is mainly concerned with the modes of use of Internet connections in Iraq. Some people choose to access the Internet from Internet cafes, some from home, some from work, and other from a combination of modes. There are several determinants of Internet use in Iraq, namely, age, education, employment, utilization, and location. Through use of the multinomial probit function in statistics, these variables will be analyzed in order to more appropriately determine their numerical values and relevancy. Internet access is a way clients of Internet information and services and an Internet service provider (ISP) communicate. Examples of communication technologies that provide Internet access include the public switched telecommunications network include (PSTN), cable TV networks, and satellite systems, and so forth. The Internet has diffused quickly and widely but its spread has been very unbalanced within various regions and countries. The digital divide tends to become wider as DiMaggio et. al. (2001) define the digital divide with regards to inequalities in access to the Internet, extent of use, knowledge of search strategies, quality of technical connections and social support, ability to evaluate the quality of information, and variety of uses. Very little research in information systems has investigated the aspect of consumer choice of technology. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors influencing consumer choice of Internet access option in Iraq. By drawing from theories of technology adoption, 17 factors were identified. Some factors are grouped into categories. For example, the age factor was divided into three groups, namely, â€Å"age1, age2 and age3† (depending on the respondents’ ages). Education, the second factor, was divided into four groups â€Å"edu1, edu2, edu3 and edu4,† according to peoples’ levels of education. The third factor,

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Australian Feminist Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Australian Feminist Movement - Essay Example These works denounced marriage as slavery for women. Feminism started in America as a revolution. The Seneca Falls convention held in 1848 is considered a milestone in the history of the Feminist Movement. It put forth the demand for women's rights which included right for equal pay, right for property, right for divorcing the husband, right for taking guardianship of the children etc. the most important in this agenda was womens' right to vote. This was a declaration of demanding equality without sexual discrimination. Their voice slowly started getting people's attention. When the 19th amendment was made in the American Constitution to give women the right to vote, it looked like they had finally won the battle. On 14th December, 1961, the President's Commision was set up by the then President John F. Kennedy to review the status of women. Its purpose was to review the status of women and remove the obstacles that prevented women from enjoying equal status in the society. This Commission was aimed to combat the customs, notions and other factors prevalent in the society that were hindrance for the women. So the movement that was building up quietly in the 50's, gained momentum and became more visible and more audible. The 60's were the era of demonstrations, marches and processions. This time it saw the participation of school and college girls as well. Status in Australia Feminism has its presence in Australia also. Although Australia has always been conceived as a true democratic state with total egalitarian attitude.(Summers, Anne, 1994, Dmaned whores and God's Police, p.103) But the feminist movement in Australia has been raising the issue to provide the Australian women equal access to power. This movement started in the nineteenth century and its prime focus was to get the women their right to vote and also an equal opportunity to participate in the political activities and help them come to power. ( Oldfield, A., Woman Suffrage in Australia: A gift or a Struggle. 1992) Australian women got their right to vote much after the American women. In fact their neighboring country New Zealand got their right to vote before them. This gave them the status of citizens finally.(Summers, Anne 1994, Ibid, p.405) But even then the Aboriginal women were not given the same status. It was only in 1967 that they also got the right to vote.(Brenner,J.1996, p.20) 1960 was the beginning of the second wave of Australian Feminist movement. This was focused on the legal and social equality. Although women had got their right to vote but practically they were still considered the "second sex". They faced discrimination at the workplace and often got exploited. At home also they did not have equal status as men. They had no control over their sexual and reproductive lives. This second wave had some achievements as they succeeded in getting equal wages for the women. They also got the discrimination based on marital status eliminated from the work place. Simultaneously there was another movement coming up which was for the rights of the marginalized groups. This movement wanted equality for people regardless of their country of origin or their color or race or their sexual preferences like being gay or lesbian. The feminists got a ground as patriarchy, against which they were

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Effect of Globalization on Arabic Culture

Effect of Globalization on Arabic Culture Globalization may be defined as the set of social, economic, political, technological, cultural arrangement and procedures resulting from the altering characteristic of production, demand and marketing of products and services which includes the base of multinational political economies. These changes or alteration are multinational and transnational dynamics which pose great impact on the ultimate objective accomplishment in the determination of business environment, global trade regulations etc (Globalisation). There are four key features of globalization which are as follows: Globalization is the integration of various national economies into global market. It transits the economy from high volume in to high value; it is possible through increase in the number of exhaustive products and services information. It vanish the traditional clash of capitalism and socialism and bipolarity. It leads to the configuration and integration of new business alliance (Globalisation). Introduction to Arabic Culture: The Arabs are considered as the ethnic group of people, we can identify them from their conventional cultural values, language and ancestral civilization. The origin of Arab people is from Arabia and their original language was Semitic being Semites. The Arab Culture comprises of the unique features of Arabian people including language, food, dressing modes, rites and rituals, deities, music, dance, art and craft, literature, social structures etc. The Poetry Composition is a unique feature of Arabian literature which has been revealed through the holy Quran. Arabian music prefers melody and rhythm in comparison to harmony. The Arabian Cuisines were prepared mostly by rice, barley, dates, and meat and yoghurt products. The dress ups of Arabian people provides them unique identity in the world, the Arabian women use to wear robes and always prefer to cover their hairs and faces, and Arabian men also wear robes along with the turbans (Najjar, 2005). Effect on Language: Language is considered to be the most prominent part of any culture because people use to communicate with the help of it, and communication plays an important role in transferring the cultural attributes from one generation to another. Due to the over interference of western culture and globalization in the Arab their language shunned and changed towards the English. As English is simple to learn easily and quickly, it captured and spread in the Arab region and surpassed the Arabic language. Most of the Arab people prefer English over Arab language which leads to the Arabic languages deterioration and make it the secondary language. English has been preferred by the Arabian youths and on the contrary Arab language opposed by them as they considered English as superior language which provide them honorable status in the society (John A. Morrow, 2007). Effect on mode of Dressing: The mode of dressing which was followed by the Arab people traditionally revealed their modesty. But due to the globalization the traditional dressing mode has been replaced by western dressing patterns, and the original ethnic dress ups of Arab people have been preserved for old aged people. The present young generalization of Arab have been influenced by globalization a lot, they generally prefers dresses of western culture like jeans, t shirts, and other dresses which leads to too much exposure in comparison with traditional Arab dresses. It posses significant negative impact on the Arabic cultural and ethnic values, beliefs, and norms as the globalization leads to over dominance of western culture on the Arab people and their dressing mode, which ultimately affects the identity and original dress ups of Arab (Najjar, 2005). Effect on Identity: With the emergence of globalization, Arabs have lost the major part of their traditional conventional culture due to its regional market penetration by western culture countries. The identity of individuals lies in their traditions and culture which includes values, beliefs, customs, rites, rituals, dress ups, language, food, arts and crafts, dance and music etc., culture can be observe in the individuals characteristics. Globalization has led to the desertion of various aforementioned features of Arabian Culture which leads to destruction of the Arab Culture as a whole. It leads to various problems like difficulty in identifying and discriminated Arab people on the basis of cultural aspects as they follow other cultural values. If these conditions would not going to change, the traditional culture of Arab get disappear entirely which leads to loss of rich cultural heritage (Najjar, 2005) . Effect on Arab Heritage Culture: The globalization, modernization and secularization provide various significant benefits to the Arabs in terms of technology, economic development, and political scenario. Apart from these benefits globalization leads to harm the traditional culture heritage of Arabs. The conventional art and craft, music and dance, language and literature, food and dressing mode have been replaced by the western cultural attributes (Najjar, 2005). Conclusion:Â   The Arabian youth do not understand the significance of their conventional culture and its preservation. Globalization has affected the Arabian Culture tremendously through internet, films, music, art and literature, so the strategies pertaining to transformation of Arabian Culture should be taken as early as possible so as to retain its original identity and overcome the losses of globalization.

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Act 3, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar :: essays research papers

Act 3, Scene 1 Rome. Before the Capitol; the Senate sitting above. [ previous scene ][ home page ][ next scene ] A crowd of people; among them ARTEMIDORUS and the Soothsayer. Flourish. Enter CAESAR, BRUTUS, CASSIUS, CASCA, DECIUS BRUTUS, METELLUS CIMBER, TREBONIUS, CINNA, ANTONY, LEPIDUS, POPILIUS, PUBLIUS, and others CAESAR [To the Soothsayer] The ides of March are come. Soothsayer Ay, Caesar; but not gone. ARTEMIDORUS Hail, Caesar! read this schedule. DECIUS BRUTUS Trebonius doth desire you to o'erread, At your best leisure, this his humble suit. ARTEMIDORUS O Caesar, read mine first; for mine's a suit That touches Caesar nearer: read it, great Caesar. CAESAR What touches us ourself shall be last served. ARTEMIDORUS Delay not, Caesar; read it instantly. CAESAR What, is the fellow mad? PUBLIUS Sirrah, give place. CASSIUS What, urge you your petitions in the street? Come to the Capitol. CAESAR goes up to the Senate-House, the rest following POPILIUS I wish your enterprise to-day may thrive. CASSIUS What enterprise, Popilius? POPILIUS Fare you well. Advances to CAESAR BRUTUS What said Popilius Lena? CASSIUS He wish'd to-day our enterprise might thrive. I fear our purpose is discovered. BRUTUS Look, how he makes to Caesar; mark him. CASSIUS Casca, be sudden, for we fear prevention. Brutus, what shall be done? If this be known, Cassius or Caesar never shall turn back, For I will slay myself. BRUTUS Cassius, be constant: Popilius Lena speaks not of our purposes; For, look, he smiles, and Caesar doth not change. CASSIUS Trebonius knows his time; for, look you, Brutus. He draws Mark Antony out of the way. Exeunt ANTONY and TREBONIUS DECIUS BRUTUS Where is Metellus Cimber? Let him go, And presently prefer his suit to Caesar. BRUTUS He is address'd: press near and second him. CINNA Casca, you are the first that rears your hand. CAESAR Are we all ready? What is now amiss That Caesar and his senate must redress? METELLUS CIMBER Most high, most mighty, and most puissant Caesar, Metellus Cimber throws before thy seat An humble heart,-- Kneeling CAESAR I must prevent thee, Cimber. These couchings and these lowly courtesies Might fire the blood of ordinary men, And turn pre-ordinance and first decree Into the law of children. Be not fond, To think that Caesar bears such rebel blood That will be thaw'd from the true quality With that which melteth fools; I mean, sweet words, Low-crooked court'sies and base spaniel-fawning. Thy brother by decree is banished: If thou dost bend and pray and fawn for him, I spurn thee like a cur out of my way. Know, Caesar doth not wrong, nor without cause Will he be satisfied. METELLUS CIMBER Is there no voice more worthy than my own To sound more sweetly in great Caesar's ear

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Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Essay

Good morning, dobry den, dobry den, Guten Tag, bonjour, buenos dias, these are examples of my native Slovak and five other languages that I can partly understand and speak. I used to think this was a significant number, but I found that there were approximately 4000 languages spoken in the world. It is obvious that we could spend the whole life studying foreign languages and never master all of them. So how do we overcome this barrier? The next part will give a complete summary of the possible solutions according to three authors and will also include my own reflections. The most comprehensive approach to the topic can be found in the book titled â€Å"Intercultural communication in the global workplace† by Linda Beamer and Iris Varner. Linda Beamer is a full professor in the Department of Marketing at California State University, Los Angeles where she teaches marketing courses as well as business communication, intercultural communication and many others. Iris Varner is a professor in the Department of Management and Quantitative Methods, College of Business at Illinois State University, where she teaches the cultural environment of international business. Varner is the author of numerous articles in the area of intercultural managerial communication, and she is also president of the Association for Business Communication. The whole chapter in the book is dedicated to the role of language in the intercultural communication. They believe that language and culture are shaping each other and are intertwined. They show that identical words can have different meanings in different cultures. â€Å"Both the French and the Americans use the word force majeure, but the phrase carries very different meanings. Literally the term means superior or irresistible force. In U. S. legal language, the term refers generally to forces of nature or possible war. The implications are that the terms of a contract may be changed because the risk was not allocated in either the expressed or implied terms of the contract. In European law the term has a broader meaning. It also includes changes in the economic conditions or other circumstances that were not reasonably anticipated when the contract was drawn up. The implication is that when Americans make agreements with Europeans that include discussions of unforeseen circumstances and use the term force majeure, they need to clarify what they mean and spell out what that term covers† (Beamer, Varner, 2008, para. 6). According to Beamer and Varner following points may help in communicating with non-native speakers: Enunciate, speak slowly, avoid slang and colloquialism, be careful about jokes, be sincere, be culturally sensitive, and keep a sense of humor (Beamer, Varner, 2008)Speaking clearly and slowly is helpful. Avoiding slang is necessary because unless the speaker has lived in the country for a long time, there is small chance that he or she will understand. The problem with jokes is that they do not translate well and if they have to be accompanied by lengthy explanations, they usually lose their funniness. Being sincere, culturally sensitive, and keeping sense of humor also affects communication in the positive way. On the other hand, I personally prefer new phenomenon called â€Å"World English† that is described in the work of two authors. According to Smith, â€Å"The geographical spread of English is unique among the languages of the world, throughout history. Countries using English as either a first or a second language are located on all five continents, and the total population of these countries amounts to about 49% of the world’s population† (Smith, 2006). He recognizes six types of World English: US English, Canadian English, Australian, New Zealand English, South African English, Indian English, and West Indian English (Smith, 2006).

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Date of Print Out: 29. 10. 2012 BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. Due Date: 05-11-2012 Electricity Bill Name : Mr. HIREN UPADHYAYA BIlling S/O Mr. DINESH UPADHYAYA PROP NO-T-61, Address :TF (F/P) WESTERN SIDE BHOGAL ROAD, BHOGAL NEW DELHI 110014 Sanctioned Load Contract Demand MDI Power Factor Pole No. Book No. Walking Sequence Circle / Zone Tariff Category Meter No Units 21129618 21129618 KWH KW CA No. CRN No. Energisation Date Meter Type Supply Type Bill No. Bill Basis : 101973953 : 2540258523 : 11. 06. 2009 : 1PSK : LT : 100780497688 : Actual Cycle No. Mobile / Tel. No. : 9999331714 District / Division : Nizamuddin Meter Status: OKBilling Period: NOV-12 Bill Date: 16-10-2012 : 4. 00 : : 7. 10 : 1. 000 : NZDPG641S1 : BRJ : BRJ010061A0AA : SOUTH-1 : Domestic : 12 Customer Care Centre No. 39999707 Billed Consumption (Current) Date of Meter Reading Reading 09-10-2012 22,386. 00 09-10-2012 7. 10 Billing Details Billed Consumption (Previous) Date of Meter Reading Reading 09-08-2012 19,131. 00 Cu rrent Period Charges ( 10-08-2012 to 09-10-2012 Multiplication Factor Current Consumption Days Units 1. 00 1. 00 61 3,255. 00 7. 10 ) Fixed Charges (A) Slab-wise Energy Charges Slab-wise FPA/PPA TOD [email  protected]% Elec. tricity Total Amount on (E= Tax @ 5% (A+B+C+D+E+ Cons.Measrd Billed Units Unit Amount(B) FPA/PP Amount(C) TOD% on Surg/Rebt . A+B+D+R) (F) F) During Rate A% B Amount (D) 200. 00 800. 00 4. 80 3840. 00 .00 1580. 16 1055. 81 22387. 97 2. 00 Mth(s) 2,455. 00 6. 40 15712. 00 .00 3255. 00 TOTAL 19552. 00 .00 Past Dues / Refunds / Subsidy Arrears / Refunds Period to which it relates Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) Other Charges, if any * Total Charges Payable Rebate(R) / Subsidy* Net Amount Payable 0. 00 Amount 4. 50 22392. 47 0. 00/0. 00 22392. 47 0. 00 rnd_prvbil, Amount not immediately payable, if any. Rs. 0. 00 Reasons Security Deposit with DISCOM Bill Amount Payable Rs. 2400. 00Interest accrued for FY 2011-12 already adjusted in bill No. 101140291823 Rs. (120. 20 ) ( generated for the period 15-02-2012 to13-04-2012). Interest for FY 2012-13 will be adjusted in your first bill to be generated in FY 2013-14 Rs. 22390. 00 Due Date of Payment 05-11-2012 If payment is made after the due date, LPSC for the delay, shall be charged in the next bill. Last payment Rs. 35520. 00 received on 31-08-2012 Payment Accounted Upto. 13-10-2012 The connection shall be liable for disconnection on non payment of all dues(including arrears of previous bill(s)) by due date, after notice as per Section 56(1) of the Electricity Act, 2003. i) This bill has been prepared as per revised tariff order communicated vide DERC order no F. 11(771)/DERC/2011-12/1577 & 1578 dated 27th June 2012. ii) As per DERC order no F. 3(298)/Tariff/DERC/2010-11/2601/1606 dated 29th June 2012, FPA shall not be charged from 1st July 2012. Hence FPA has been discontinued for the energy consumption after 1st July 2012. iii) As per GoNCTD order no. F 11(69)/2006/Power/pt/1211 dated 2nd April 20 12, a subsidy of Rs 1/- per unit to all domestic consumers consuming upto 200 units per month will be available till further orders by Government of NCT of Delhi. The amount of security deposit against your connection is mentioned herewith under Security Deposit with DISCOM. Please check this amount and report any discrepancy in that regard by furnishing documentary proof available with you at the customer care centre of respective division office. ENERGY SAVED IS ENERGY PRODUCED. (This bill is computer generated, hence does not require signature. ) ————————————————————— —————————————————————- ———–ReceiptPayment Slip * Make your cheque/DD payable to BRPL CA No. 10197 3953 * Cheque should not be post dated. * Write your telephone number on reverse of the cheque. * Cheque should be account payee and payable at Delhi * Do not Staple. Only clip the cheque to payment slip.. Bill amount payable: Rs. 22390. 00 Cheque/DD No. 1200R101973953000002239247201211050000000000 Registered office:BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. BSES Bhavan Nehru Place New Delhi 110019 A joint venture of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. & Govt. of NCT. Delhi. Bill month:NOV-12 Date: